Prepaid Long Distance Service with Cheap Calling Card Phone Rates

Mr.Long Distance is proud to offer "The Flex Plan" from Tel3 Advantage for all your domestic and international calling. Unlike traditional phone cards, this prepaid calling plan is so clean. You only "pay for actual minutes used".

» Use from any phone (cell phones, landlines, pay phones, hotel phones)
» No contracts
» No monthly fees, connection charges
» No switching phone companies
» Rechargeable
» Register up to 10 phone numbers (place calls from these numbers)
» Manage your account and all calls online
» Up to 473 FREE Minutes on sign up

$10.00 No Free minutes
$25.00 263 Free minutes
$50.00 368 Free minutes
$100.00 473 Free minutes

Select Calling Plan Method & Calling Destination
Local Access Toll-Free Access
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Sign-up online by filling up a short form.
Register phone numbers you wish to place calls. Tel3 Advantage recognizes these phone numbers when you make a call.
Upon credit card authorization your account will be activated. You can start making calls immediately.